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Demeric School of Dance
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by Liz Mace on Demeric School of Dance
Thank you so much for all that you have done!

I’m so grateful for all that you and your staff have done for both of my girls over the years; they both learnt so much and enjoyed the dance and performance experience which they gained with you. I will always remember the wonderful shows, the fun of the choreography competitions and the shock when they won the musicality cup! Having been a teacher myself, I have always admired your dedication and commitment to the students and the dance school; you have made such a positive impact of the lives of so many pupils and their families.


Thank you so much for all that you have done!  

With very best wishes.

by Amelia Wooding on Demeric School of Dance
Returning to ballet classes as an adult

Mrs DeMeric gave me my first pair of ballet shoes when I was 3 years old; suitably nervous in a pale pink leotard with floaty chiffon skirt, and hair perfectly tied back in a neat bun. Fast forward 20 years and there I found myself being given a new pair of ballet shoes by Mrs Whitfield, equally nervous but definitely not as well presented! Returning to ballet classes as an adult was an obvious decision after spending a week in 2016 helping out back stage during the school’s brilliant production of The Nutcracker. It was the familial atmosphere and joy on all the dancers faces which sparked a resurgence of interest, and to be honest, a fair amount of envy at the style, grace, and flexibility of all those involved! Miss Sue varies her classes every week so that we never get tired of doing the same routine over and over again, both a test and a treat for the muscles and the brain cells! Classes are warm and friendly and there is always a helping hand on offer when a step at first appears too tricky. Exercises are often tailored to suit the different abilities in our wide ranging class so no one feels left behind, and our pianist Charlotte creates such beautiful melodies that even when I arrive feeling particularly elephant-esque, I leave feeling refreshed and suitably stretched. I can’t recommend adult ballet enough to someone looking for an exercise class to strengthen and tone, nor a more welcoming environment than Demeric.

by Jennie Ungoed on Demeric School of Dance
Wonderful classes

I would like to say thank you for providing such wonderful classes and would like to say a special thank you to Sue for her fantastic teaching style. I have really enjoyed the classes and really will miss them. I am hoping to return to Farnham in the future and I will be sure to return to the classes when I do.

by Sue on Demeric School of Dance
Lorna's last term of Ballet after nearly 15 years

This is to let you know that, after nearly 15 years, this will be Lorna’s last term of ballet with you. She started when she was 3 and will shortly be 18, and is hoping to go to university in September. She has always enjoyed attending the lessons and taking part in all the shows, and has many happy memories and excellent exercise habits to take with her. She hopes to continue with dance in some way wherever she goes next year.

I thought you might like to see this photo from early days in the Bourne Hall when Mrs Demeric was still teaching her class.

Thank you so much for all you have done to encourage and support Lorna.

by Kate Wybrow on Demeric School of Dance
Why dance is just as important as math in school

Many thanks for the article – very interesting reading.  I do know that if I am not feeling great, or I’ve had a bad day, going to Miss Sue’s class on a Thursday evening always lifts my spirits – whatever else is going on my life is totally forgotten as I concentrate on the movements, listen to the piano and enjoy the routines that Miss Sue choreographs for us at the end of class.  It is just great fun – even if I forget the steps, it is good to laugh at myself and with others about it and Miss Sue is always giving us tips on how to do better.  I’ve had many dance teachers over the years but I have to say that Miss Sue is the very best.  She is fair, she is talented, she is observant, she takes time to make sure we have understood her teaching and she gives praise when it’s due. I think everyone should dance!

Here's the link to the original article >>

by Charlie Magowan on Demeric School of Dance
Farnham Light Switch On

Great show today at the switch on.

A huge thank you to you, Miss Franki and Angela for all your hard work - it really paid off - the dances were very slick. Even the teenagers standing behind me were impressed - they also thought the snowflakes were amazing...!!!

I was proud to be a demeric parent - enjoy a well earned rest!

by Priscilla Demeric on Demeric School of Dance
Farnham Light Switch On

Ray, you make me so proud! The children, one and all performed beautifully, they smiled looking as though they were enjoying themselves (despite a rather uneven floor) and gave a really polished performance. What comes over to me is that not only do they know their work, but they are able to work as a team and relate to one another when performing and that can only happen when children are well rehearsed, by whom, I wonder!

Love and congratulations to them all.

by Anonymous on Demeric School of Dance
Summer Workshop

I just wanted to thank you & all the teachers for the wonderful Summer Workshop. Despite Matilda being so young & shy she had a lovely time & has been singing & showing us her dances at home.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the performances yesterday. Please pass on our thanks to all the teachers.

by Teresa Gilroy on Demeric School of Dance
Farnham Light Switch On

Just to say I popped down to Gostrey Meadow to see the ballet yesterday – your students were absolutely brilliant (though they must have been freezing).

Evie also attended (on Daddy's shoulders for a good view!) and was transfixed.

Very many thanks to all involved.

by Christine Lee on Demeric School of Dance
Big thank you

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your efforts on Saturday and your hard work in preparations.

It was such a treat to have such a rich combination of performances, but the biggest delight for me was seeing that nearly everyone who came took part. Thank you for getting such a wonderful Demeric programme together and being so keen to support this event.

There are currently no plan for future events – but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something comes together given the amazing levels of engagement on Sat, so we will keep you posted.

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