Choreography Competition 2018

Choreography Competition 2018

We will be holding our annual Choreography Competition Sunday 25th February 2018. The competition will take place at at St. Polycarp’s School at 3pm till approximately 4.30pm. We feel it is a good opportunity for the children to explore their creativity in dance movement and gain some experience in performing to an audience. Last years competition was a great success and all the children involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The competition is open to any child attending the Demeric School of Dance aged 5 years or over. Dances may be performed as solos, duets or groups of any number. Dances can be any form of

dance and music chosen by the child/children, but must be no longer than 1min 30secs. Costumes or dance uniform may be worn it is completely up to the children. There will be a charge of £5.00 per child per dance to take part in the competition.

All entry forms and payment for the Choreography Competition must be received by Monday 19th February 2018.

Download the Choreography Competition Entry Form 2018 here ››