We are still very short of help with front of house for the performances.

Front of house consists of:

  • Selling programmes
  • Showing people to their seats

We also need some Mums or Dads to help set up the stage in the day of Thursday 20th May anytime from 10.00 -5.00pm. We also need at least 2 Mums or Dads per show to help with the scene changes as some of the scenery is quite heavy.

Mums or Dads helping with scene changes would ideally need to attend one of the rehearsals so they know when and where to place the scenery when it comes to the shows.

We also need help on Sunday after the Matinee to take down scenery and pack away the costumes. There is still hand sewing or gluing bits to costumes and headdresses if anyone would like to do any or maybe any Grans?

If you can help please fill in the slip and tick which shows you would be happy to help with.