Happy New Year! I hope you all have a good Christmas ….. Hopefully not too many power cuts and maybe wishing there was less rain!!!
Thank you to all the children who took part in the Farnham Christmas Light Switch On.  The children all danced beautifully despite the cold and the quick changes backstage!!  We received some lovely feedback and were thanked by the Farnham Town Council, receiving also a lovely letter from the Major which I will adding to our website shortly. We were asked whether we would be interested again for next year so I will keep you posted nearer the time.
We commence back this Wednesday with also Thursday and Friday Classes this week due to Craft Fairs later on in the term but Monday and Tuesday classes start next week.
This term we will be having our annual Choreography Competition on Sunday 16th February where children and students can dance either solos , duets or group dances to a piece of music of their choice for no more than 1min 30 secs.  All winners and runners up will be put forward to the London Choreographic Competition in March . Paperwork will follow in the next week.
Exams this term for Ballet are on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March, the Exam Rehearsal is on Saturday 22nd March. The Modern and Tap exams have now been changed due various children being away for Easter. The Exams are now only on Sunday 23rd March and the Exam rehearsal is on Sunday 16th March, please amend these dates ( all Modern & Tap exam children will be receiving a note about the changes to clarify rehearsals).
Please check our website for any information on www.demericdance.co.uk Or email me if you receive any of my emails I send out.

Last note as the weather is getting colder please ensure the children and students are appropriately dressed with our school Demeric uniform. We do sell woolly crossovers, shorts, t’shirts and even have some reduced fleeces left so please fill out a uniform form if you need any additional clothing.