Lecia Hale

Leica Hale

“Dancing is like breathing” you cannot do one without the other. I am so grateful to be able to do what I love best. Working with students and seeing their growth through self expression. Becoming more confident and soaring like eagles.

I am a longstanding Cecchetti and Imperial Modern Teacher of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing London, having taught for 40 years running my own academy in South Africa. I am grateful to be able to still impart “The Method” as its called, to future generations of dancers and eternally grateful to Maestro Cecchetti for his gift to us.

I have now relocated to the United Kingdom and presently assisting Mrs Whitefield at her Ballet School in Farnham and have been tutoring the students which culminated in the year end examinations and the “Switching on of the Christmas Lights” in Farnham. 2020 is upon us and new exciting challenges awaits us.