BGT – by Flora Herbert

BGT – by Flora Herbert

My trip to BGT! 😉

Dear Diary

Today was amazing I went to Britain’s Got Talent! 🙂

I woke up at 6.00am I went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth, went to the loo and applied my cream to my face.

I went downstairs and got a takeaway breakfast (porridge). 🙂 My Mum got some snacks I got some supplies (phone and book) and we set off.

We arrived at the place in plenty of time and waited for Demeric School of Dance.

We went into the dressing rooms and I got ready, finally it was my turn and I think I did very well but sadly I didn’t make it through but it was worth it.

We hopped back on the train and we also got a sneaky MacDonalds.

Thank you to Mrs Whitfied and all my Demeric friends for supporting me during my audition !

Bye Diary see you tomorrow.