Award Information

The Cecchetti Children’s Award and Mabel Ryan Awards are organised by the Cecchetti Group and are part of the annual Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards.  The aim is to encourage dance quality and to demonstrate the high standard of children training in the Cecchetti Method.

There are four sections – the Children’s Award, the Junior Award, the Middle Award and the Senior Award and all competitors are required to show the set work for their section and a set solo. The Vacani Award for ‘Joy of Dance’ is adjudicated in the Junior, Middle and Senior sections.

Entry Criteria

Cecchetti Children’s Awards

Children’s Award A: Under 10yrs Holding Grade 2
Children’s Award B: Under 13yrs Holding Grade 2 or 3
For the Cecchetti Children’s Awards A & B  –  Competitors must have pass of 75% or more

Mabel Ryan Awards

Junior (Bronze Medal) – aged under 13 and have gained a pass at Grade 4
Middle (Silver Medal) – aged 13 and under 15 and have gained a pass at Grade 5
Senior (Gold Medal) – aged 15 and under 17 and have gained a pass at Grade 6. (simple pointe work is included and the work is set at Intermediate level)

Information and Application

Further information about all these Awards is available from Judith Wilson, the Awards Organiser-
Tel: 01732 356388 or email