Class Examinations
  • Originally designed for Recreational purposes – we often use the phrase ‘once a week child’
  • Aim is to develop through a balletic approach a sense of enjoyment in movement and dance quality.
  • The teacher conducts the assessed class (apart from Senior Certificate) and whilst not able to give personal corrections, they are able to encourage
  • Students do not have to dance a solo – though may choose to do so at CE6 and Senior Certificate level
  • There are no theory questions
  • Class examinations are not the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), and do not earn UCAS points
Grades Examinations   
  • Designed for students who are able to attend more than one class a week, particularly at higher levels
  • A greater emphasis is placed on technical ability than in the class examinations
  • The teacher is not present during the exam
  • Students have to dance a solo 
  • Students have to answer theory questions
  • The Graded examinations are a preparation for Vocational Graded Examinations (Major examinations), for those students who may wish to study at a higher level
  • Graded examinations are on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), and Grade 6 earns UCAS points