Second year at LCDS has so far been very fun but also very challenging. Here is a collection of pictures of myself and two other dancers from some work we performed this term. I am the blonde one in the bluet turquoise top! We have recently done lots of choreography and lots of learning repertoire from contemporary dance companies such as the Richard Alston Dance Company and Baht Sheva. I’ve also been very busy with teaching and teaching assisting on the Centre for Advanced Training prevocational dance programme at The Place which has been a really fantastic opportunity. Next term i’ll also be teaching assisting for the junior integrated dance company – Cando2 which I’m very excited about. This week I found out that I was lucky enough to be selected to study for one term at California Institute For The Arts on exchange. So from september until december I will continue my dance training in LA! I’m going to the states in July just as my second year finishes, and I’m taking a two week intensive with LA Contemporary Dance Company which I’m really looking forwards to. I will then be going on a road trip with friends and hopefully taking lots of classes, before my term starts in september and I’m back to full time training. The university looks fantastic, and there are so many different artists training there, so it will be really fun to be in such a buzzing environment!I will be sad to leave, but this really does seem like an incredible opportunity . I hope you’re all enjoying your dancing and that you all have a fantastic term!
Have a great term!