Summer Mufti Week 2017

Thank you to all the students that dressed up last week in shorts and t’shirts (which made that hot weather a little easier to dance in rather than tights and leotards). We raised a fantastic amount of £198.00 which will be supporting the Riverside Stimulation Centre which is the school that Miss Sue Clarke’s mother started in Zimbabwe. There are some pictures below and a little write up from the headmistress. Thank you all again!

Riverside Stimulation Centre is an inclusive school that caters for special and non-special needs children. It is unique in its ability to integrate pupils with for example; Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Autism, Hyperactive tendencies, minimal brain damages, speech problems with non-special needs pupils.

The pupils are afforded equal opportunity academically and on the sporting field and the results are amazingly rewarding.

Our pupils bubble with self-confidence inculcated in them by the very experienced and dedicated team of staff. We are not ashamed to blow our own whistle in listing some of the achievements our pupils leave this school equipped with. Our school graduates have excelled in Public Speaking, Chess, Soccer and we also boast of medical doctors and engineers in various fields.

Important values like humility, loyalty, honesty, transparency, integrity, diligence, equity, decency, fairness, service, self-sacrifice and respect and innovativeness are all taught based upon Christian faith.

Margaret Madega

Headmistress of Riverside Stimulation Centre