Surprise 90th Birthday Tea Party

What a lovely surprise… we all made it happen!!!

We did it!!! Mrs Demeric and her twin sister Elizabeth Lanyon were hugely moved, teary and so completely unaware of their surprise 90th Birthday Tea Party. Their overwhelmed reactions when they arrived was all so worth it – and there were lots of tears and tissues in the audience too!

Priscilla Demeric and Elizabeth Lanyon
Priscilla Demeric and Elizabeth Lanyon
Dancers for 90th birthday party

The sisters were greeted by all the beautifully costumed dancers with a standing audience who all applauded as they walked in; there were a mixture of past students, parents, guests and friends as well a newbies which created such special event and one they will cherish.

Thank you to all the students that took part, myself and all the teachers involved were so proud of you all, Well done! A big thank you to Claire East and all the tea ladies that looked after us all so well and kept the tea flowing; an abundance of fairy cakes, biscuits that had been made by everyone. Thank you to all the parents that ferried around and helped, my pianist Charlotte who played beautifully for the children’s dances; my staff who I couldn’t possibly achieve or consider doing without their help before and on the day and with their wonderful choreography: Miss Franki, Miss Gemma, Miss Grace, Miss Lecia.

My twin sister Elizabeth and I want to say a huge thank you for what you all did to contribute to our most amazing 90th Birthday Tea Party. I think you will have gathered from our reaction that the occasion was a complete surprise and we were overwhelmed and speechless.
So many of you to thank, the children’s performances, the Mums and Dads who got them to rehearsals, the teachers who choreographed the dances, the pianists, the helpers, the wonderful people who made the delicious tea, AND the cake… and much more.
Thank you everybody for an unforgettable afternoon.

Priscilla Demeric

These events take an enormous amount of work so I am hugely grateful and thankful for everyone that took part, it was such an amazing occasion for them both as well her Priscilla’s husband Tony who is 95. So thank you all again… it proves we all need to keep dancing and hopefully we’ll get to their special ages!!!

What a lovely afternoon. The student dancing was super and the Ms Demerics were truly inspirational – holding themselves with such poise at their age… shows what a lifetime of dancing will do! Putting on the show and the tea party was a really lovely thing you have done for the Demeric ladies.

Jenny Rogers

Ray, you are awesome! XX

Teresa Gilroy

Well done – it really was a lovely afternoon!!

Sarah Laborde

The twin sisters look absolutely incredible for their age ’90’ looking more like ’60’. Good posture and not putting on weight are vital and keeping busy doing things you love just goes to show!! It makes me want to take up Ballet!!!

Amanda Regan

It was so lovely to see these wonderful sisters, everyone had tears in their eyes! Well done you for organising such a lovely memory for them. I’ve told many people how amazing they are. It gives us all hope to keep smiling and dancing!

Chloe Flanagan