Stephen Morrish

Stephen Morrish (GLCM) joined the Demeric School of Dance in April 2017.

His first piano teacher was Brenda Mendelssohn – great great granddaughter of Felix Mendelssohn. He was awarded a music scholarship at Stowe School, Buckingham, and later graduated at the London College of Music, while also achieving a licentiate diploma in both French horn and piano. These days, Stephen performs for nursing homes, church and (of course) ballet, but enjoys most of all performing at weddings and functions with his band – The Ratz, a trio including his two eldest daughters.

Stephen has been known to practise a few ballet steps, though the ballet teachers wish he would stick to playing the piano. He has composed a few ballet pieces for Demeric, and is keen to do more. He dreams of one day being the new Tchaikowsky.