Cecchetti Ballet Associates Choreography Competition 2022

Cecchetti Ballet Associates Choreography Competition 2022


Venue: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London, NW1 7AY

This is a public building. The Cecchetti Ballet Associates cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings. Please do not leave valuables unattended.

The Choreographic Competition encompasses all forms of dance with the exception of tap dancing, and we welcome all interpretations of dance. Our adjudicators are invited from a diverse area of dance and musical background and the results on the day are their personal opinion. If time allows and the adjudicator feels it is appropriate, they have the choice to comment on individual participants.

Children must try to use music by lesser-known composers therefore avoiding famous compositions. The style of music needs to interpret the theme with use of appropriate movements. Divide or join pieces of music with sensitivity to maintain a good sound quality with a clear start and end without breaking the phrasing of the music. This will allow the children to create and express themselves with a flow of movement.

Junior Section – Arrive 10.00 am – aged 7 years – 10 years
Middle Section – Arrive 1.15 pm – aged 11 years – 13 years
Senior Section – Arrive 1.15 pm – aged 14 years – 18 years

Spectators: Tickets will be on sale on the day. N.B. Participants will not be charged to watch the competition.

JUNIOR SECTIONS Adults £9.00 Children (6 – 15 years) £7.00
MIDDLE & SENIOR SECTIONS Adults £9.00 Children (6 – 15 years) £7.00
ALL DAY TICKET Adults £13.50 Children (6 – 15 years) £10.50

NB: Children under 6 years of age will not be admitted into the auditorium.

Competitor’s entry fee: Solo: £14.00 Duet: £25.00 Trio/Group: £33.00

Photographs will be taken throughout this event by an official representative of the Cecchetti Ballet Associates.
The photographs may be used by the Cecchetti Ballet Associates for publicity purposes in print and on their official websites and also to illustrate articles in various dance related magazines, events and exhibitions. Current legislation requires that the parent or guardian of each participant under 18 years of age give permission for their child to be included in any photograph taken at this event. Participant over 18 years may sign for themselves.

Dancers will not be allowed to participate without photographic permission.

Spectators are NOT allowed to photograph or film participants during the competition. Photographs will be available to order after the competition, full details will be provided at the competition and printed in the programme.