My first term of my final year (3rd year) was spent abroad at California Institute of The Arts. I went out to the states in july and travelled about and then in september started my semesters exchange which I was so lucky to have the opportunity to do! The campus was wonderful. It was surrounded by mountains and the weather was just perfect. There was a pool right by my halls and the beach wasn’t too far either so we had some fun days out too! Aswell as my normal ballet and contemporary technique classes in the morning I did african drumming, tap, hip hop, choreography, flute lessons, yoga, pilates, neoclassical partnering, dance for camera, and a class called choreographer composer where we collaborated with a music student every week and made something together!I also got to work with Michelle Dorrance who comes from the crazy amazing tap scene in new york. She was in stomp and has been creating her own work for a while now. We got to perform at Calarts but also in LA, so that was really fun! I met some really fantastic people and adored being around so many different artists all doing there own thing. You could always musicians practising and see artists painting and the energy of the place was really magical. I learnt a lot and had such an incredible time. I now have until july before I graduate and have a hit at the dance industry! Keep dancing 🙂

Katie k x